Rivelin River chair Sculpture. Cast iron chair. Rivelin Valley. Sheffield Artist Jason Turpin Thomson

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Rivelin River Chair sculpture. Sheffield artist and sculptor Jason Turpin Thomson. Cast Iron riverside chair. Rivelin Valley, Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Stepping stones access… not for the hydrophobic…local kids love to play on it..Rivelin Valley nature Trail ,Sheffield ,South Yorkshire. Trip Advisor (Chair in River.) Yorkshire Post. Sheffield Star. Crookes Walking Map.

Sheffield artist Jason Turpin Thomson carved in polystyrene and then cast  this fantasy iron chair .Sited on a crumbling weir in the middle of the River Rivelin-it could have grown in this beautiful, post industrial, Sheffield Valley. An ode to the longlost  bodgers, coppice workers and steel workers of the Rivelin Valley.

Roots of Iron project officer for Sheffield City Council Catherine Nuttgens said”I wanted something that would encourage quiet reflection and appreciation of the River Rivelin, whilst echoing the woodland heritage and industrial architecture that can be observed all along the river’s banks.”


Tittesworth Man- Iron Green Man


one off sand casting in iron ,this iron ,green man was originally an interior piece with LED lit up cast glass creatures set into stones around the loop .Due to retail demands on space it is much more suitably sited outside now.At Severn-Trent Water’s Tittesworth Reservoir , North Staffordshire.

Hammer and axe.Carved wood and bone artwork personal memento mori, netsuke inspired small sculpture.

P1070606“Hammer and Axe.”Bone and limewood. carved small sculpture by Jason Turpin Thomson, Sheffield sculptor and artist. 450mm tall.

….old people would pass through the flat underneath….some left ectoplasmic residue…..autobiographical artwork reflecting on death and the suspension of defiant young life in difficult to tolerate circumstances ….door shut in the coal house I would smash the lumpen coal with an oversize ballpein hammer …barefoot I would swing my splitting axe down through old furniture and river dragged branches…

Carving bone and wood to create small sculptures, memento moris and netsuke like artworks…

Bone and woodcarving of “Legbox”.small sculpture by Sheffield artist and sculptor Jason Turpin Thomson.

P1060214Legbox.Carved small sculpture. Bone and limewood.carved artwork. 400mm tall wood and bone.

Sheffield artist and sculptor Jason Turpin Thomson. carved bone and limewood artwork. Memento mori, autobiographical art influenced by blister packs for toys and netsuke….as a four year old I would play in the packaging from my dad’s new artificial leg…


Before I had a van I had a pushbike, which I used to transport this seven foot long elm plank from the old SCC sawmill’s firewood pile.

The idea of transport and freedom, coupled with a visceral journey ,bubble through this piece that was inspired by some ancient biker magazines from a car boot sale.DSC_0108

Bone Bicycle

An idea of personal grave goods and childhood toy artefacts sparked this piece off.Particularly a range of Matchbox / Hot Wheels Choppers from the seventies.

“Legbox.” As a four year old I would play in the packaging from my dad’s new artificial leg.

“Hammer and axe.” old people would pass through the flat underneath….

Carved with a dentist’s drill in cow bone I wanted to use an otherwise disregarded material that would allow me to create the detailed feel of Japanese netsuke and inuit art without the waste of elephants or other poached ivory.